Free Printable Bridal Shower Games Ideas: Guess The Price

Price Is Right
Bridal Shower Game

  • Purchase ten household items such as cleaners, polishes, detergents, soaps, cloths etc. Alternatively you could make a list of these items with the correct price, although it is more interesting if the items are on show. The guests have to guess what the total price is of all these items and write this down on a notepad.

    This game could be particularly suitable for the Room of the House or the Kitchen theme showers. The person who gets nearest to the correct total is the winner.
    You could also extend the game by having people guess the cost of individual items or pairs of items. This game can be played by the guests individually or in teams.

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    Be sure to take a look at the memory shower game and the old favorite hunt the thimble thimble hunt that will keep the guests amused. Including a selection of games in the wedding shower can be an answer for you to hold a fun time for the new bride and her friends who are going to the party. There are also some games of chance that will give anyone the opportunity to win. the wedding raffle and also the lucky coin contest are generally easier activities to arrange. We have a selection of games that you can print for the bridal shower including wedding bingo and is free and printable, as is bridal word scramble which is always a favorite at showers. Always have a few ice-breakers as they are an easy way to get guests to become friends each other. The wedding dress competiion is a popular ice breaker game, as is the cotton ball game and the don't say clothespin game is always fun. Don't forget simple competitions such as pass The balloon contest which will entertain everybody.

    So be certain to try these activities particularly the bridal bingo and wedding word scramble that you can print it yourself that to save you time when planning. Try one or two questions and answers quizes for everyone to play. Just choose questions that are fairly easy so that any of the guests will be able to win a funny prize. ' do you know the bride?' game with questions famous couples game instructions. Why not guessing games as they are always fun and also enjoyed by older contestants. Some popular ones are 'guess who' or 'who am I' game and the purse shower guessing competition. We have the guess the spices fun contest. Easy word games are going to delight all the party guests. For instance we have included a choice of unique games with the British word quiz 1, the original words 2 continued, word game 3 and the similar funny rhyming words.
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